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AFOS 2020 Virtual Meeting

Bringing AFOS to your home or work!

We are excited to announce many great AFOS events, including 15+ hours of FREE CE for AFOS members. All brought to you at your work or home!

AFOS 2020 Virtual Meeting Brochure

Monday, October 5th ~ 2-9pm ET

2pm MIGS presentation COPE ID: 69608-GL Dr. Sean Smolenyak Dr. Sean Smolyenak
3pm B&L Specialty Lens Webinar: Finding the Right Fit with Zenlens™ Scleral Lenses and Zen™ RC Scleral Lenses Non-COPE course; Attendees will get CE certificate from AFOS that may or may not count for license renewal depending on licensure renewal policies of your state of licensure Dr. Maria Walker Dr. Maria Walker
4pm Fundamentals of Gonioscopy COPE ID: 69547-PD Dr. Denise Goodwin Dr. Denise Goodwin
5pm Neuro-ophthalmic Masqueraders COPE ID: 69549-NO Dr. Denise Goodwin and Dr. Leonid Skorin  
6pm Extreme Dermatology COPE ID: 69517-AS Dr. Leonid Skorin Dr. Leonid Skorin
7pm Visual Readiness The Importance of
Comprehensive Eye Examinations with Diabetes Mellitus
COPE ID: 68118-PB Dr. Andrew Morgenstern Dr. Andrew Morgenstern
8pm The Battle of the Bulge Its All About the Backside COPE ID: 60607-AS Dr. Andrew Morgenstern  


A Big Thanks to Glaukos and Bausch and Lomb for sponsoring some of today's lectures!

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Tuesday, October 6th ~ 2-8:30pm ET

2pm Low Vision Home TeleEye Rehabilitation in a COVID-19 Environment COPE ID: 68773-LV Dr. Carolyn Ihrig Dr. Carolyn Ihrig
3pm Section Chief Breakout Sessions COPE ID: Pending COL Gary Huges, Col Darren Rhoton, CAPT Todd Lauby, Col Robert Houghtelling, CAPT Dawn Clary, and Dr. John Townsend Section Chief pic
5pm The Opioid Epidemic and Drug Diversion COPE ID: 67726-PB Dr. Chris Cordes Dr. Chris Cordes
6pm Optometry Classic Concentration COPE ID: 69732-PS Dr. Kimberly Darke and Dr. Meghan Elkins Darke Elkins pic

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Tuesday, September 15th ~ 7:30-9:30pm ET

AFOS Member, Dr. Adreain Henry, presents:

"You Don't Know What You Don't Know A Dive into a Clinicians Perspective" (COPE ID:69489-GO)

Dr. Adreain Henry

This course will analyze common ocular manifestations to system conditions inclusive of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Ectodermal Dysplasia, and Giant Cell Arteritis. In addition, the course will address blunt trauma and suspected conjunctival melanocytic lesion cases. Participants are encouraged to ask questions and share clinical experiences.

**Email Dr. Wright for handouts

Dr. Graham Erickson  Dr. Stuart Richer

Tuesday, September 22nd ~ 7:30-8:30pm ET

Join AFOS Member, Dr. Stuart Richer, and Dr. Graham Erickson for "Nutrition for Enhanced Visual Performance in Sports" (COPE ID: 69590-GO)
Eye care professionals have several options to help athletes see their sport better. Recent placebo-controlled research has demonstrated that the carotenoids lutein L and zeaxanthin Z can improve visual performance factors in healthy eyes. The history, mechanisms of action, as well as their effects and potential benefits as shown in well-controlled trials will be discussed. Recommendations for athletes with regard to modifications of diet to increase intake of carotenoids, or supplementation with purified forms of L and Z are discussed.

Course brought to you by:
 Click to download Nutrition lecture Handouts 

Tuesday, September 29 ~ 7:00-9:30pm ET

Join us in supporting our AFOS Residents in the "AFOS Resident Grand Rounds" featuring great cases encountered during their residencies. (COPE ID: 69685-GO)
AFOS Is excited for the following outstanding residents to present in the upcoming course:
  • Dr. Ivonne Alvarado 
  • Dr. Taryn Burkhart 
  • Dr. Daniel Christensen
  • Dr. Scott Gabreski 
  • Dr. Brenna Gerchman 
  • Dr. Sarah Heath 
  • Dr. Aaron Peterson
  • Dr. Marlee Silversmith
  • Dr. Jenae Stiles 
  • Dr. James Twitchell 
  • Dr. Simrit Virk 

Resident Grand Rounds



  • You must register for each course prior to attending. Click on the course titles above to sign up and register for the corresponding course!

  • You will need your OE Tracker number in order to receive credit.

  • Free to AFOS members! Non-AFOS members can attend for $20 fee per course or $200 for all events. You will be sent an invoice after registering.

  • COPE courses taken online through the end of the year will be given "Live CE" credit versus "online" credit.

  • All courses and the event submitted to COPE; currently in the pending process.

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