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Awards 2020

The Armed Forces Optometric Society (AFOS) is committed to recognizing excellence within the field and within our organization. AFOS held its first virtual meeting on October 5-6, 2020. Many members from across the nation and even over-seas attended online for great education, as well as to honor their colleagues for their significant contributions to the profession and service to our country.  


Drumroll, please, for the 2020 AFOS Award recipients.... 

AFOS Overall Junior Optometrist of the Year

AFOS Overall Senior Optometrist of the Year 

AFOS Orion Award Winner

Maj Lyndsey Ferris

Lt Col Richard Baird

COL Jose Capo-Aponte

Dr. Lyndsey Ferris Richard Baird Capo-Aponte

Service Specific Junior Optometrist of the Year

Air Force
Dr. Lyndsey Ferris (Maj)

Dr. Justin Pao (MAJ)

Dr. Courtney Rafferty (LT)

Dr. Lyndsey Ferris Justin Pao Courtney Rafferty


Dr. Paula Johns

  Paula Johns  

Reserve Optometrist of the Year


Air Force Reserve
Dr. Barbara Wujciak (Col)




Barbara Wujciak  

Student of the Year


Nathan Keyes
2LT, US Army
3rd Year SCO



Nathan Keyes  

Service Specific Optometrists of the Year

Dr. Jennifer Stowe (LTC)

Dr. Ann MacDonald (CDR)

Dr. Paul DeWitt (CDR)

Jennifer Stowe Ann Macdonald Paul DeWitt


Air Force
Dr. Richard Baird (Lt Col)


Richard Baird


Past Award Winners

OD of the Year

Junior OD of the Year

Reserve Forces OD of the Year

Orion Recipients

Service-specific OD of the Year

Service-specific Junior OD of the Year