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2024 AFOS Annual Meeting at SECO February 26-27!!

The AFOS SECO meeting is an all inclusive package for AFOS members and Federal Service Optometrists on Feb 26th and Feb 27th in Atlanta, GA.

Those registered for SECO through this AFOS bundled program will attend the AFOS meeting starting the afternoon of Monday, Feb 26 and running all day Tuesday, Feb 27 at the Ritz Carlton Atlanta.  The remainder of the SECO program will be held from Wednesday, Feb 28 through Sunday, March 3 at the Georgia World Congress Center. 
SECO early bird rate is $761/$866 regular.  AFOS members will have 55+ hours of CE available for both meetings at a discount!!

AFOS Meeting includes:

  • 12+ Hours of excellent COPE approved CE including Service Chiefs' Breakout Sessions

  • Receive great savings on the combined AFOS/SECO program!!
  • AFOS 2024 Business Meeting

  • Newest technology and innovations in the AFOS Exhibit Hall

  • Service Camaraderie

  • Fantastic city and fun event!

  • Fantastic hotel and location!!  Hotel room block at government rate.

  • Your registration also includes membership to SECO University. A premier online CE platform valued at $295.

    SECO University

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Registration Rates for AFOS and SECO Bundled Package

Early Bird Rate - Now through February 2, 2024

$625 AFOS Members in good standing* (SECO meeting alone is $761)

$850 Federal Service OD Non-member rate

Regular or Onsite Rate - February 3 to February 27, 2024

$725 AFOS Members in good standing* (SECO meeting alone is $866)

$950 Federal Service OD Non-member rate

Current Residents

Early Bird Rates

$50 Current AFOS Resident Members in good standing* 

$150 Non-member rate

Regular or Onsite Rate

$70 Current AFOS Resident Members in good standing* 

$170 Non-member rate


$25 Current Student Members in good standing*

$50 Non-member rate

Non OD/Guest for Luncheon & Reception


AFOS Meeting Only

$220 AFOS Members in good standing* ~ Early Bird Rate

$250 AFOS Members in good standing* ~ Regular or Onsite Rate


$375 Federal Service OD Non-member rate ~ Early Bird Rate

$425 Federal Service OD Non-member rate ~ Regular or Onsite Rate

** Even if you are ONLY attending SECO, you can register through AFOS for the discounted rate!

Meeting Information

Meeting Dress Requirements

* Air Force:  Service Dress for both meetings. Civilian clothes are authorized on travel days.

* Army:  ASU or AGSU for both meetings. Civilian attire is authorized for travel days  

  • Class A (with jacket)
  • Army members traveling in a Leave status are not required to wear the uniform.
* Navy:  Khaki’s or Service Dress Blues for both meetings (sweater or Eisenhower jacket is authorized with Blues unless presenting). Civilian clothes are authorized on travel days.
  • Navy members traveling in a Permissive Temporary Duty (PTDY) or Leave status are not required to wear their uniform.
* PHS/IHS:  Service dress blues for both meetings. Business casual approved for travel days.
  • PHS members traveling in a Leave status are not required to wear the uniform.
* VA:  Business professional 
* Civil Service & GS:  Business professional

Announcing the AFOS Connect4 Tournament

Connect4 Tournament

We are excited to announce our First Annual Connect 4 Tournament - a battle of wits, strategy, and fun!  Gear up for an epic double elimination tournament with prizes for the winners!
$20 Entry!  Help support AFOS, the Foundation, and have some fun!

Sign up Today!

Event Agenda

Monday, February 26th

AFOS Board of Trustee and Leadership Meetings (invited attendees only)

0830 – 1130 ~ AFOS AOA Section Chiefs’ Meeting (Breakfast served)

AFOS Continuing Education Program ~ 5 hrs of CE

1330 – 1900 ~ Registration and packet pick-up for attendees

1400 – 1500 ~ Exhibit Hall Opening


1400 – 1450 ~ Neurolens presents: “Developing a Game Plan for Headaches and Concussion Protocol” by Amanda Nanasy, OD

1500 – 1550 ~ “Top Ten Diagnoses You Should Never Miss!” [COPE ID 89537-GO] by Andrew Morgenstern, OD

1600 – 1650 ~ “Ticks Suck: The Systemic, Ocular and Neurologic Effects of Lyme Disease” [COPE ID 88540-SD]
                          by Andrew Morgenstern, OD

1650 – 1730 ~ Exhibit Hall & Networking Break

1730 – 1820 ~ “The Pediatric Prevalence of Keratoconus: The Groundbreaking Results that Will Change Your Clinical Practice!” [COPE ID 7200-PB] by Andrew Morgenstern, OD 


1730 – 1820 ~ ”Applications of Adult Learning in Optometry Externship and Residency Programs” [COPE ID 89199-PB] by Gregory Smith, OD

1830 - 1920 ~ “The Dry Side of Macular Degeneration Management” [COPE 89732-TD] by Kimberly Darke, OD

1920 – 2100 ~ AFOS Opening Reception and Exhibit Hall

Tuesday, February 27th:  

AFOS Continuing Education Program ~ 9 hrs of CE

0700 – 1200 ~ Registration and packet pick-up for attendees

0700 – 0800 ~ Breakfast and Exhibit Hall Session

0800 – 0940 ~ “A Broad View: Systemic Disease, Mental Health, and Ocular Health” [COPE ID 89540-SD] by Charles Davis, OD

0940 – 1020 ~ Exhibit Hall Break

1020 – 1200 ~ “AFOS Service Breakout Sessions” [COPE 89955-PB] by Branch Specialty Leaders

1210 – 1330 ~ AFOS Annual Business Meeting and Membership Luncheon

1340 – 1430 ~ "Listening Between the Lines: The Art of Clinical Triage" [COPE 89615-GO] by Jacqueline Hallauer, OD

1430 – 1510 ~ Exhibit Hall Break

1510 – 1600 ~ “The Ophthalmic Sequela of Sleep Disorders” [COPE ID 86968-SD] by Marc Myers, OD

1600– 1640 ~ Exhibit Hall Break, Exhibitor Spotlight and Raffle giveaways

1640 – 1820 ~ “Oral Medications and the Management of Blunt Ocular Trauma [COPE ID 89094-TD] by Marc Myers, OD

1830 - 2000 ~ AFOS Closing Reception


February 28th – March 3rd
SECO at the Georgia World Congress Center
(Wednesday to Saturday – 50+ hours CE)

Event Speakers

Dr. Amanda Nanasy

Dr. Amanda Nanasy

Dr. Amanda Nanasy is co-owner of The Eye Center of Pembroke Pines and Director of its subsidiary, The Florida Institute of Sports Vision, where she specializes in sports vision assessment and training and neuro-optometric rehabilitation following concussion.  She is a team physician for the Miami Dolphins, Inter Miami CF, Miami HEAT Check gaming and several other NCAA programs including her alma mater, UCF.  She sees patients in a second location within the Sports Medicine Department of Holy Cross Hospital as a part of the concussion care team.

Dr. Andrew Morgenstern

Dr. Andrew Morgenstern

Dr. Andy Morgenstern has been an invited lecturer, presenter, featured author and educator around the world as well as a reviewer and editor in a variety of multi-disciplinary medical journals. Dr. Morgenstern has had the distinction of being an invited lecturer at the United States National Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM). He has had the high honor to treat multiple members of the First Family of the United States, 2 FBI Directors, the NASA Administrator, Senators, Congressmen/women, Supreme Court Justices and Service members & Warfighters, Veterans and many others. He is the son and nephew of Optometrists and happily married with 2 beautiful daughters. Dr. Morgenstern resides in the suburbs of Washington D.C.

Dr. Greg Smith 2024

Dr. Greg Smith

As a member of the US Public Health Service, Greg is assigned to the Indian Health Service and is stationed at the Fort Belknap Service Unit where he serves as the Program Manager for Optometry since 2009. During his time at Fort Belknap, he has also served in extended TDY assignments as Clinical Director and Hospital CEO.  Currently he oversees all Optometry operations, and manages the student externship program.  He also assists with Area-wide assignments and contract implementation. 


Dr. Kimberly Darke 2024

Dr. Kimberly Darke

Dr. Kimberly Darke graduated from MCPHS School of Optometry and completed her ocular disease residency at the Huntington WV VA. After completion of her residency, she happily accepted a staff optometrist position at the Huntington VA. She has a strong interest in OCT and posterior segment pathology but find all aspects of eye care fascinating! 

Dr. Charles Davis

Dr. Charles Davis

Dr Charles (Jack) Davis spent his youth in Western N.C. where he later received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Western Carolina University.  He attended the University of Alabama-Birmingham School of Optometry and completed his optometric residency at the Tuscaloosa VAMC.: while during his residency he completed a M.P.H. degree from UAB School of Public Health.  He spent the majority of his professional career providing care to Veterans at the Salisbury Health Care System in Salisbury NC. Along the way he completed a Master degree in Health Administration (MHA) and a PhD in Health Service Research from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He has been awarded research grants from the state of Alambama, national organizations, and the Department of Veteran Affairs.  His latest research focus investigated systemic comorbidities,  ocular comorbidities , and the cost of care provided to Veterans with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.  Jack enjoys Texas "no-limit" poker and plays in small tournaments at various locations each year. 

J.Hallauer Pic

Dr. Jacqueline Hallauer

Dr. Jacqueline Hallauer is one of multiple Staff Optometrist at the Woody Williams VA Medical Center in Huntington, WV. She is actively involved in the Tele-eye program and serves as the Residency Coordinator for their four residents.  Dr. Hallauer graduated from MCPHS in Massachusetts in 2017, she completed her residency at the John D. Dingell VA in Detroit MI and became a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry last fall in New Orleans.

Dr. Hallauer is active in our profession – she has served in a few different roles for AFOS including Education Co-Chair, she is a member of the American Optometric Association Education Committee and serves as a Team Chair for the ACOE Residency Accreditation visits. Dr. Hallauer is originally from Northern Michigan and a graduate from Michigan State University (Go Green!). Right after clinical rotations were announced third year, Dr. Hallauer’s first choice VA opted not to take on another student the next year… at that point, Dr. Hallauer was reassigned to the VA in West Virginia and her thoughts were the same as most of yours “oh dear goodness West Virginia here I come;” after those 4 short months, she knew that West Virginia was exactly the place for her.

Shortly after joining the VA as a full-time Staff Doctor, Dr. Hallauer met her wonderful husband, Russ, while working at the VA and they settled down on a small farm in the hills of WV where they have various animals including horses, cows, goats, chickens, ducks, turkeys, cats, dogs, and Mr. Foo-Foo the bunny. If Dr. Hallauer is not out and about on the farm with her husband, you will find her crocheting her next project!

Dr. Marc Myer

Dr. Marc Myers

Dr. Marc Myers is a graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Optometry where he also completed a primary care residency at The Eye Institute.  He currently is an Attending Optometrist at the Coatesville Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Coatesville, Pennsylvania.  He has served as a guest lecturer and adjunct clinical faculty at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University.  He is a Global Curriculum Fellow, having supported the International Centre Eyecare Education in Optometry thru Salus University.  Dr. Myers contributes to numerous Optometric publications and serves on Editorial Review Boards.  He has contributed to continuing education programs throughout North America for over 20 years.


Exhibit Hall

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Ritz Carlton Atlanta

Room Block Closed! 

Ritz Carlton Atlanta

We are excited to return to the Ritz Carlton Atlanta!  We have secured a government rate room block for the week of the AFOS and SECO meeting.  Join us in this spectacular hotel 0.5 miles away.

Once registered, you will receive an email with the link to register for your discounted hotel room.  If you are waiting on funding and would like to reserve a room before the block fills up, please contact Dr. Wright.