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AFOS Annual Meeting 2023

Join us in Atlanta - UPDATED

Notice of Meeting

Your AFOS President, Dr. Greg Smith, has called for the 2023 AFOS Annual Business Meeting to be held on Tuesday, February 28th in Atlanta, GA at the Ritz Carlton.

Dr. Greg Smith

Proposed Name Change

AFOS Annual Business Meeting

As noticed prior, the AFOS Board of Trustees will propose an organization name change to be voted on at the upcoming annual meeting. 

When formed in 1970, the Armed Forces Optometric Society, was entirely composed of active-duty optometrists.  Since its inception the organization has grown, evolved, and diversified in many ways, most importantly to include and represent ALL Federal Service Optometrists.  The organization advocates for and represents those in Active-Duty, the Reserves, Guard, Veterans Administration, Public Health Services, Indian Health Services, and other federal entities and has done so for several decades.  The Board believes the name of the organization no longer embodies this advancement nor reflect the organization’s mission appropriately.  

During the Board’s deliberation, past leaders of the organization have been consulted and much consideration has been given to how to develop an accurate and inclusive name. Additionally, feedback from all stakeholders has been received and further discussed in the past few weeks. The Board will be presenting the following name change to the membership at the upcoming annual meeting: The Association of Armed Forces and Federal Optometric Services.

For most of its history, the organization has been known by its acronym – AFOS.  It will continue to be referred to as such and legally be the DBA for the organization.

The Board feels this name reflects the work and mission of the organization best and will ask the membership to vote on it at the annual business meeting.

If you have any questions or comments, please email Dr. Wright.

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